The journey is real

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2022

Living by the spirit is a wild ride. You trust God and go…….It means giving up control and stepping into the unknown. Scary? A little. Risky? Yes. Surprising? Definitely. It still requires us to work with all our might. We still must stay positive and push through when times are dry, difficult and trials never seem to end. However, over time, if we don’t give up and consistently show up with our best. Suddenly, there is breakthrough. What journey are you on? Have you experienced your sudden breakthrough yet? If you haven’t, stay the course, your time will come.

     As an entrepreneur, I am an idea person. From the ideas, I create content. For the past 3 years, I have been writing and creating content for my online video training called the “GROWING HEALTHY” leadership series. I’ve made over twenty videos on leadership training. Did I know how to make training videos? No. So how did this happen? Well, one step at a time. First, I prayed to God for help. I had ideas and wrote them down in an orderly fashion. Then I began to video tape myself speaking the words I wrote. I started with one video. I had to learn how to edit and put videos together. I would get frustrated and discouraged but I never gave up. Are my videos perfect? No. If you wait for perfection, it will never happen. It will stop you from moving forward.

After my first video, I sank into despair because I realized I had 19 more to go. I quickly changed my focus and took it one day at a time never looking at how far I still had to go. The journey was real, long and painful but I kept going. Three years later, and I’m finishing my last video. What a growth journey. During all that time, I was also out in the community building my network and serving others. This summer, as my videos wind down, other doors are opening. Suddenly, I have new clients, new avenues of revenue and new, unexpected changes to my business.

My advice to anyone still waiting for your breakthrough, Keep moving, don’t quit and suddenly doors of opportunities will open to you. God bless.



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