Mindsets Matter

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2021

What we think about really makes a difference in our overall health and life. We all have a choice about what we want to think about. No matter where we are or what circumstances we are in....We have the power to choose what we think about. What a powerful gift....The choice to think or change our thinking. I want to illustrate this by giving one scenario using two different mindsets. 

Mindset #1 It's late February - cold, deep snow blankets the ground making it hard to get around outside. We are still in the COVID Pandemic with over 500,000 Americans dead from the virus. Many have been homebound for almost a year now. Closeness with isolation has created anger, depression and  negativity that begins in our minds and quickly overtakes our behaviors.

Human nature is naturally negative. It's the easy route to take which requires no effort. Taking the time to be aware of what we are thinking takes more effort. Seeing the positive in a situation takes work and brain power. 

Now let's look at the same scenario using a different mindset......

Mindset #2 It's late February - cold, deep snow blankets the ground. The snow falling this winter has been a thing of intense beauty. The big, fat flakes cascading down from every direction has brought a calm and peace to the region. The continued cold has allowed the white contours to remain which glisten in the sun and moonlight. I don't remember evening sunsets so vivid or so vibrant with their spectacular hues of orange, pinks and purples. Nature has caused me to slow down and take notice. I see neighbors out clearing their paths and we pause to say hello and catch up. The exercise of moving snow brings freshness to my lungs and rejuvenation to my step. My day becomes brighter. My day becomes better because I choose to change my mindset.

How is your mindset? Take the time to think about it. Change it if it needs changed.




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