Balloon Volleyball Anyone?

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2020

                                               BALLOON VOLLEYBALL

A rigorous game of volleyball is probably the last thing you want in your living room...unless the "ball" happens to be a balloon.

You can easily turn any room into a safe volleyball court. Clear away a space, then tie a string between the backs of two chairs. You now have a playing field and a net. Blow up a balloon. You're ready for action. For more formal play, decorate the net with streamers, lengths of yarn, etc. While you're at it, spiff up the balloon with markers. Every good volleyball can use a pair of eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

Encourage your kids to develop their own rules; after all, this is no high-pressure tournament. Be inventive. A group of kids might get a special charge out of trying to keep a flotilla of balloons aloft!

This game, which should always be supervised by an adult, is limited only by your imagination-and the size of your living room.

(This game is intended for older children only. Younger children should not play with balloons because of the possibility of suffocation.

REQUIRED:  * Six to ten feet of string * Two chairs * Large balloon

OPTIONAL: Decorating materials. Try Paddleball - Get a paper plate and a wooden paint stirrer. Tape, staple or glue the plate onto the paint stirrer. Woolah - now you have a paddle.


When my kids were growing up, this was one of my go to books for TV free activities. If you order on Amazon it is less than five bucks. Have fun!


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