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About Me
Shanna Cornuet
Director/Family Life Educator Shanna has spent the past 30 years working with people of all ages and stages in multiple human service systems. Growing up with parents who owned and operated gymnastic training centers, Shanna began teaching and coaching gymnastics and numerous other youth sports at the age of 12. She received her BS degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the school of Human Ecology,  Department of Child Development and Family Relations. She earned an MS from the University of Pittsburgh school of Social Work in the Department of Child Development/Child Care. Her professional career began as a social worker with at risk children and families in the specialized foster care field throughout the Philadelphia region. She continued on to work in child abuse prevention at Alternatives Family Resource Center in Pottstown, PA where she designed and developed prevention programs for parents with children ages birth thru high school. She offered group therapy work with teenage parents and provided in home and on site parent psycho-educational training for parents who needed a boost in parenting skills and relationship management. Shanna is happily married to Tom and they have two terrific daughters. When her children were young, she operated a licensed in home child care program with an active summer camp and neighborhood resource service for children and parents in the neighborhood. She also offered psychological consulting to children and parents in the behavioral health system working specifically with The Network for Behavior Change. She also gave her time volunteering as a "hotline counselor" and provided parent education services to pregnant and parenting women at Chester County Women's Services. Through Family Services of Chester County, Shanna was the coordinator for a youth mentoring program called the Achievement Mentoring Program (AMP)  in the Coatesville public school setting for at risk youth. She was also a community mobilizer for the Great Valley Partnership for Healthy Youth stationed in the Great Valley school district region. Her site was one of seven Communities That Care sites in Chester County. As a community mobilizer, Shanna was  responsible for networking community leaders in an effort to plan, strategize and support the development of healthy youth and families. In 1996 she founded Growing Healthy Families (GHF) a non-profit family resource service. With GHF, Shanna trained child care teachers, caregivers and parents on healthy development. She developed the GHF child care training manual and also developed a Bible-based parent education curriculum entitled, "Raising Royalty". Shanna is a certified professional coach and a family life educator. For Shanna, People Matter. Caring and motivating others for family success is her passion.
Philosophy: People matter and the relational interactions that go on in a family are important because families create communities. Healthy families create healthy communities. Families come in all forms. There are no perfect families but there are basic principles which impact a person's well being. Children grow best in families. They are most influenced by the people who spend the most time with them. Children need our time and attention and they need a lot of it. The conception design of a man and a woman joined together continues to be the ideal design for parenting.
I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you and encourage you in your family life matter.
                                                          Shanna Cornuet
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